Serving and helping patients with ACUPUNCTURE and HERBAL MEDICINE at 2 locations (Morton Grove and Wheeling, Illinois) in Midwest Region, Greater Chicago and Northwest Suburbs, Los Angeles, and Korea SINCE 1942.

5632 W. Dempster St.                      737 W. Dundee Rd.
Morton Grove, IL 60053                   Wheeling, IL 60090
                             Phone:  (847) 808-7575                   
                             Also visit 

Our Happy Patient Comments
"Good morning, everyone,
    I wanted to share some great news we recently received. Our wonderful acupuncturist, Dr. Scott Lee of Chun Am Well-Being Center, has opened a second office. Most of you have heard Bill and I praising the treatments we have received from Dr. Lee for the past several years. Some of you have gone to his Wheeling office and been very pleased. Others have been deterred by the distance.
    Dr. Lee is now at his new office, at 5632 W. Dempster in Morton Grove, three days a week. For those of you at Molloy, it couldn't be a better spot. His number is 847-808-7575. Seeing Dr. Lee on a regular basis has enabled Bill and I to avoid several surgeries. His offices are immaculately clean and he is a true professional with a great sense of humor. We both look forward to our visits with him.
    The new year has several insurance companies giving some attention to acupuncture. It's worth checking into. If you have aches, pains or issues you would like to resolve without additional meds or surgeries, give him a call. Feel free to pass this onto anyone you might think would benefit.
In the meantime, have a sensational holiday.       Fondly,     Joan"
-Joan Shermach(Skokie, IL, A Retired Special Ed. Teacher)

"Thank you for helping us to have a precious child.  As you already know, we tried for 7 years, and we finally were successful after having care from you.  I hope many other couples like us will try acupuncture and herbal treatments to have a child, NATURALLY.  Thanks again."
- James and Cynthia Rodells- (Northbrook, IL)

"After you helped my grandmother both with her emotional nervousness and her arthritis on her shoulders,  I've called you thinking just to try acupuncture for one time and that's it.  But after having the first treatment, I became your #1 FAN.   My WHOLE FAMILY Loves you now.  As you know my parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, and uncles ALL became your FAMILY(Patients)."  
-Aileen Range-(Niles, IL)

"You are like an Angel.  It was my birthday four years ago, when my daughter asked me what I wished for.  I told her if I could ever walk without pain.  She suggested acupuncture, and I asked her if it works.  She said 'it doesn't hurt to try, or does it?'  And then I remembered seeing Chun Am Acupuncture sign a few days ealier, when I went to a doughnut shop.  I've called and, 'MIRACLE'.
After one treatment, I felt some relief, and about one month after, I  was able to ride my motor cycle again, and avoided second surgeries on my knees.  After 4 years, I am still doing gardening, riding my motor cycle, and even taking long walks at airport going to business trips.  As Asian medicine treating not just the symptoms, but treating the whole body and mind, even my cholesterol and blood pressure is back to normal.  Thank you so much for your help.  Even my wife calls you an ANGEL"
-John Delware-(Crysal Lake, IL)

"Dear Dr. Lee, Happy New Year!  I wish you and your family good health and many happy days throughout the year.  Thank you very much for the good care you give me.  You certainly keep me in a good shape, for which I am grateful.  Also, thank you very much for the Korean seaweed you ga
ve me.  We enjoyed it during the new year's celebration.  The excellent quality was a true luxury, and very much appreciated.  I delivered Evangelina's(another patient) bag and she was quite surprised.  She went home from the hospital on December 31, and now she is hoping to see you before long.  I will call you later to make my January appointment to see you.  Sincerely,    
-Kaoru Anderson-(Glen Ellyn, IL)

"Dr. Lee helped my Bell's Palsy on my Right face, caused by viruse. Although I went to the emergency room and took steroids, I was not improving quickly.  I was referred by a friend in my health club I was exercising in.  She told me she was helped by Dr. Lee for her Trigiminal Neuralgia(pain on the face).  I've call the office the next day.  I went three times that week, then twice for second week, and once per week for next three weeks.  I was 70% better within first week, then in my second week, I was 90% better.  Dr. Lee told me elders like myself don't improve as quickly as I did, but I'm happy with my results.  I did follow all the recommendations told by Dr. Lee.  I still call him whenever I have any health questions......
-Chandra P. -(74 years young, Buffalo Grove, IL)

ACUPUNCTURE CENTER CHUN AM and DAH NAH HEALTH, USA are committed to keep you healthy naturally.  We've helped over a Million people feel and live better life since 1942.  Feel Free to call or e-mail us for any questions or to make appointments.
(847) 808-7575,

Sports Medicine
-Improves Performance
-Relaxation and speed up the Recovery Time
-Pain Relieving to Perform at the Maximum Level

WHO (World Health Organization) recognizes following issues are helped with acupuncture:  Kids, Women, Elderly, Addiction (drug, alcohol, smoking, FOOD), ADHD (ADD), Anxiety, Acute Injuries (Sports, Auto Accident INSURANCE WELCOME, Worker's Comp), Bell's Palsy, Stroke, Chronic Pain (Cancer-Related, Post-Surgery, Arthritis, Gout, Fibromyalgia), Asthma, Bronchitis, Carpal Tunnel, Fatigue, Colitis, Common Cold, Bowel Problem(Constipation, Diarrhea,), Dental Pain, Depression, Digestive Issues(Gas, Heartburns, Acid Reflux, Helico-bacteria, appetite(lack or excess), Dizziness(Meniere's), Eye Problems, Facial Palalysis(Bell's Palsy), Face Tics, Headache(Migraine, Hypertension), Urination Problems(Incontinence, Frequency, Prostate Problems, Painful), Low Back Pain(Disc, Sciatica), Menopause(Hot Flushes,Night Sweats, Depression, Anger), Menstrual Pain, Irregular Menstruation, Infertility, Pregnancy-Related(Morning Sickness, Emotional Problems, Breached, Back Pain), PMS, Pneumonia, Allergies(Seasonal, Environment, Food), Shoulder, Neck, Knee Pain, Insomnia, Tennis Elbow(Golf Elbow), Trigeminal Neuralgia, Vomiting, Weight Loss, Wrinkles, Cold Hands and Feet, Hypertension, Paralysis

Auto Accident, Worker's Compensation Welcome

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